Sunday, November 6, 2016

Once my student, always my student

Friday night I traveled to UMASS Amherst for the first time. What a beautiful campus! at least the part I saw was quite nice. I went out there to watch a hockey game. RPI came to town. A former student of mine plays hockey for RPI and I always enjoyed watching his games when he was in high school so I decided to go watch another game while his team was in Massachusetts. College hockey is a little more intense, but that is a good thing. Its a little more exciting to watch. I hope my students know that when they leave high school I do not forget about them. I love when students stay in touch. I wanted to go watch some of my former HS soccer players, but I did not get to any soccer games at SNHU or Stonehill this year. I will next year. If a student gives me his sports schedule I do my best to get to a game. I really do enjoy watching sports especially when I have someone to cheer for.

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