Saturday, August 13, 2016

Enjoying Summer

Enjoying your summer? I sure am! I have done lots of day trips to both new places and some of my favorite places. I started the summer off with my annual trip to Yarmouth to find all the sand castles. Every year Yarmouth has their "summer kickoff" celebration which includes sand castles at businesses all over town. This year there were 43 and I found all of them. These are a couple examples.

I highly recommend that you go see them one year. The sand sculptures are completed by the 4th of July so I always go in early July before any bad weather can ruin them.

I enjoy being by the water so I do spend several summer days at the canal. I find it very relaxing to sit by the water and watch the boats.  I consider it a plus if I get to see the railroad bridge go down

Water was definitely a theme for me this summer. One town in Mass I visited with my daughter was Rockport. There is a road called Bearskin Neck which has shops on both sides of the road and at the end of the road there is a jetty that I enjoyed walking on.


Then I traveled to Portsmouth, NH. I drove along the coast and loved the view all the way up.

Portsmouth, NH is such a nice town on the water with so many little shops. I found this to be a great place to spend a day

When I wasn't making day trips I was relaxing in my back yard and cooling off in the pool

Now its time to do my back to school shopping and I look forward to meeting all my new students in September.