Saturday, November 7, 2015

Holiday Specials on Television

If you have been in a store recently you have seen all the Christmas items out, you have heard Christmas songs on the radio and the holiday shows are already on TV. The hallmark channel shows Christmas movies every night and all day on the weekends. The UP channel is showing 5 or 6 Christmas movies every week. I am watching a Christmas movie on Hallmark channel as I am typing this post. I am watching "Let it Snow"
I know that Thanksgiving comes before Christmas but there aren't many Thanksgiving specials other than Charlie Brown which I have watched twice this year and the Macy Thanksgiving day parade which I never miss.
The first Christmas special (non movie) is "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" on ABC the 27th of November at 8pm. Then ABC is airing Charlie Brown Christmas at 8pm on the 30th of November. As we get closer to those dates I will start listing all the specials so you don't miss any. or you can check out these websites.

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