Thursday, November 7, 2013

Christmas specials

Here is the schedule for the next few days

Friday November 8th

The Night Before the night before Christmas   Hallmark       4:00 pm
On Strike for Christmas                                      Lifetime         6:00 pm
Pete's Christmas                                                 Hallmark         8:00 pm
Christmas Crash                                                 Lifetime          8:00 pm

Saturday November 9th

A Pricess for Christmas                                   Hallmark           6:00 pm
The Christmas Blessing                                  Lifetime             6:00 pm
Snow Bride                                                      Hallmark           8:00 pm
A Country Christmas Story                             Lifetime             8:00 pm

Sunday November 10th

The Twelve Days of Christmas (Animaniacs)     HUB             1:00 pm
Home by Christmas                                          Lifetime            1:00 pm
Christmas Crash                                                Lifetime             5:00 pm
The Christmas Card                                           Hallmark           6:00 pm
Dear Santa                                                          Lifetime             8:00 pm

Monday November 11th

Christmas with Holly                                        Hallmark               2:00 pm
Moonlight & Mistletoe                             Hallmark                4:00 pm
Single Santa seeks Mrs. Claus                          Hallmark               6:00 pm
Hitched for the Holidays                                   Hallmark                8:00 pm

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