Friday, November 29, 2013

Bring on the Christmas Specials

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone it is time to get ready for the next Holiday. Let the holiday specials multiply.

Saturday November 30th
Surviving Christmas                     TBS            1:00
A Christmas Wedding              Lifetime          2:00
12 Men of Christmas                Lifetime          4:00
Hitched for the Holidays          Hallmark         6:00
The Flight Before Christmas       CBS             8:00
Let it Snow                              Hallmark          8:00
Dear Secret Santa                     Lifetime          8:00
Boyfriend for Christmas         Hallmark          10:00

Sunday December 1st
Christmas in Paradise                 Lifetime           1:00
Disney's A Christmas Carol        ABCFAM       3:00
The Polar Express                       ABCFAM        5:00
Grinch Stole Christmas (movie)  ABCFAM     7:00
Christmas in Conway                     ABC           9:00

Monday December 2nd
Winnie the Pooh & Christmas too   ABCFAM   6:00
Mickeys Christmas Carol                ABCFAM   6:30
A Charlie Brown Christmas               ABC         8:00
The Santa Clause                            ABCFAM   8:00
CMA Country Christmas                  ABC         9:00


Monday, November 18, 2013

So many Holiday specials

Halmark channel and Lifetime are running Christmas movies every day from now until Christmas but I would like to highlight the other specials that are coming up.

Tuesday November 26th
Christmas Bounty                                at 7pm       on ABC Family
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer       at 8pm       on CBS

Wednesday November 27th
Elmo's Christmas Countdown             at 5pm        on PBS

Thursday November 28th
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade                              at 9am         on NBC
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving                                 at 8pm         on ABC
Lady Gaga and the Muppets Holiday Spectacular     at 9:30         on ABC

Friday November 29th
How the Grinch Stole Christmas (cartoon)                at 8pm         on ABC
Hoops and Yoyo Ruin Christmas                               at 8pm         on CBS
Shrek the Halls                                                           at 8:30pm     on ABC
The Elf on the Shelf                                                   at 8:30 pm    on CBS


Monday, November 11, 2013

Writing about all these Christmas movies and specials has me so excited for the holiday. too bad it is still 44 days away.

Tuesday November 12th

Meet The Santas               Hallmark      6pm
A Holiday Engagement    Hallmark     8pm

Wednesday November 13th

A Holiday Engagement    Hallmark    4pm
A Christmas wish             Hallmark     10pm

Thursday November 14th

The Christmas Blessing     Lifetime Movie Network   4pm
A Christmas Wish              Hallmark                            6pm
Holiday Wishes                  Lifetime Movie Network    6pm
A Dad for Christmas          Lifetime Movie Network    8pm

Friday November 15th

Annie Claus is Coming to town    Hallmark    4pm
Snow Bride                                    Hallmark     6pm
A Country Christmas Story           Lifetime      8pm
Under the Mistletoe                       Lifetime      10pm

Saturday  November 16th

Santa Jr                                    Hallmark      10am
A Diva's Christmas Carol        Lifetime       noon'
12 Men of Christmas               Lifetime        2pm
A Bride for Christmas             Hallmark       6pm
The Christmas Hope               Lifetime         6pm
The Christmas Ornament        Hallmark        8pm
The Twelve trees of Christmas  Lifetime      8pm

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Christmas specials

Here is the schedule for the next few days

Friday November 8th

The Night Before the night before Christmas   Hallmark       4:00 pm
On Strike for Christmas                                      Lifetime         6:00 pm
Pete's Christmas                                                 Hallmark         8:00 pm
Christmas Crash                                                 Lifetime          8:00 pm

Saturday November 9th

A Pricess for Christmas                                   Hallmark           6:00 pm
The Christmas Blessing                                  Lifetime             6:00 pm
Snow Bride                                                      Hallmark           8:00 pm
A Country Christmas Story                             Lifetime             8:00 pm

Sunday November 10th

The Twelve Days of Christmas (Animaniacs)     HUB             1:00 pm
Home by Christmas                                          Lifetime            1:00 pm
Christmas Crash                                                Lifetime             5:00 pm
The Christmas Card                                           Hallmark           6:00 pm
Dear Santa                                                          Lifetime             8:00 pm

Monday November 11th

Christmas with Holly                                        Hallmark               2:00 pm
Moonlight & Mistletoe                             Hallmark                4:00 pm
Single Santa seeks Mrs. Claus                          Hallmark               6:00 pm
Hitched for the Holidays                                   Hallmark                8:00 pm