Thursday, October 24, 2013

ready for some more halloween shows?

Friday October 25th
8:00    DISNEY      Toy Story of Terror
9:00 ABC FAM       Beetlejuice
9:00   AMC           The walking dead

Saturday October 26th
4:00     ABCFAM     Beetlejuice
7:00    AMC               Amityville Horror
9:00    AMC              The Omen
10:00   ABCFAM       Hocus Pocus

Sunday October 27th
4:00     ABCFAM         The Addams Family
8:00      ABCFAM          Hocus Pocus

Monday October 28th
3:00      AMC               Nightmare on Elm Street
5:00      AMC               Amityville Horror
7:00        AMC             Friday the 13th part 3
7:30    ABCFAM         Tim Burton's Corpse Bride
9:00      AMC                Friday the 13th The Final Chapter
9:25     ABCFAM         Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas

Tuesday October 29th
7:00      AMC            Jason goes to Hell the Final Friday
11:00    AMC          Friday the 13th - the remake

Wednesday October 30th
11:00 am   ABCFAM    The Goonies
7:00 pm      AMC          Halloween
7:30           ABCFAM   Twilight
9:00             AMC            HAlloween 2
11:00      AMC                 Halloween 3

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