Thursday, October 31, 2013

Christmas Schedule has begun

Everyone that knows me is aware of how much I enjoy holiday specials on tv. Those specials will begin tomorrow. Yes, I know tomorrow is only November 1st but here goes.

November 1st

Christmas with the Kranks        on Encore Family      at 2:00 pm
Sabrina Claus                             on TeenNick             at 6:30 pm
A boyfriend for Christmas         on Hallmark              at 8:00 pm
Meet the Santas                          on Hallmark             at 10:00 pm

November 2nd

Moonlight and Mistletoe            on Hallmark             at 2:00 am
Meet the Santas                          on Hallmark             at 6:00 am
A Boyfriend for Christmas          on Hallmark           at noon
Matchmaker Santa                     on Hallmark             at   6:00 pm
Hitched for the Holidays            on Hallmark            at 10:00 pm

November 3rd

Hitched for the Holidays            on Hallmark              at 6:00 pm
The Most wonderful time of the Year    on Hallmark at 10:00 pm

November 4th

The Wishing Tree                       on Hallmark             at 4:00 pm
Santa Jr                                       on Hallmark             at 6:00 pm
A bride for Christmas                 on Hallmark             at 8:00 pm

Christmas Television specials

I can't believe that Hallmark channel is going to start showing Christmas movies November 1st. That means I have to start my holiday scheduling blogs already Below is a copy from a great website.

Happy Halloween

Its halloween night. Night of all the scary movies. Spike TV is running a marathon of all the "Halloween" movie remakes, AMC is running a marathon of hte original "Halloween" movies, IFC network is running a marathon of all the "Saw" movies, FX is running a marathon of Paranormal Activity, Scyfy is showing all the "Nightmare on Elmstreet" movies and at 8pm ABC has Its the great pumpkin charlie brown.

what to watch?????

Thursday, October 24, 2013

ready for some more halloween shows?

Friday October 25th
8:00    DISNEY      Toy Story of Terror
9:00 ABC FAM       Beetlejuice
9:00   AMC           The walking dead

Saturday October 26th
4:00     ABCFAM     Beetlejuice
7:00    AMC               Amityville Horror
9:00    AMC              The Omen
10:00   ABCFAM       Hocus Pocus

Sunday October 27th
4:00     ABCFAM         The Addams Family
8:00      ABCFAM          Hocus Pocus

Monday October 28th
3:00      AMC               Nightmare on Elm Street
5:00      AMC               Amityville Horror
7:00        AMC             Friday the 13th part 3
7:30    ABCFAM         Tim Burton's Corpse Bride
9:00      AMC                Friday the 13th The Final Chapter
9:25     ABCFAM         Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas

Tuesday October 29th
7:00      AMC            Jason goes to Hell the Final Friday
11:00    AMC          Friday the 13th - the remake

Wednesday October 30th
11:00 am   ABCFAM    The Goonies
7:00 pm      AMC          Halloween
7:30           ABCFAM   Twilight
9:00             AMC            HAlloween 2
11:00      AMC                 Halloween 3

Monday, October 14, 2013

A few of my favorite halloween specials are Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus, and the great pumpkin Charlie Brown.

Halloweentown is on DISNEY Saturday 10-19 at 1:30 pm
Hocus Pocus is on ABCFAMILY Saturday October 26th at 10pm
Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown is on October 31st on ABC at 8pm

What is your favorite Halloween special?

Monday, October 7, 2013


Only a few weeks until Halloween is here. My favorite part of Halloween is watching all the scary shows and some silly tv specials. If you like th eholiday specials then you have come to the right place. I will let you know what is on and when.

October 14th   AMC   Friday the 13th part 3   7pm
October 14th   AMC   Friday the 13th the Final Chapter  9pm

October the 15th more Friday the 13th on AMC at 7, 9, and 11pm

October 16th   ABC   Disney's Toy Story of Terror  8pm
October 16th   AMC  3 more Friday the 13th at 7, 9 and 11pm

October 18th   AMC   Cujo   8pm

October 19th starts "13 Days of Halloween" on ABC Family

I'll post more specials as they get closer.  Stay tuned