Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Time to Return

One week from today and all the Norton teachers will be returning to school. I have mixed emotions at this time. I am excited to return to school, but at the same time I am nervous about my knee holding up for a full day.
I always look forward to returning because I miss my kids. This year I have a little more excitement because I am teaching a new class called advanced math topics. I have spent lots of time this summer viewing the movies we will be watching in class. I hope my kids like the class as much as I think they will. I am also excited about the new school renovations. I will have a brand new office that I have to decorate. Looking forward to that.
Up until now I have note been on the go for a full day. I do activities then rest the knee for awhile then do more activities. Lets hope I can go a full 8 hours.
Hope everyone, including me, has a happy and healthy school year!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Knee Improvements

Thankfully there has been a lot of improvement since my last post. I can now go in the pool which has made me very happy. I also got the okay to drive again. Today was the first day I went out by myself. I drove to a friends house in Attleboro for a house warming party. I was so excited that I didn't need any crutches to walk today. This was a great day. With improvements like this I should be ready to return to school in September.