Sunday, December 9, 2012

week of December 10th

Monday December 10th

5:00 pm      ABCFAM      Miser Brothers' Christmas
6:00 pm      ABCFAM      Jack frost
7:00 pm      ABCFAM      Frosty's winter wonderland
7:30 pm      ABCFAM      Mickey's Christmas Carol
8:00 pm      ABCFAM      Year without a Santa Claus
8:00 pm      Hallmark        movie "Moonlight and Mistletoe"
9:00 pm      ABCFAM      movie "Home Alone"
10:00 pm    NBC              Michael Buble Christmas special
10:00 pm    Hallmark        Twice Upon a Christmas
10:15 pm     AMC             Miracle on 34th street

Tuesday December 11th

5:00 pm      ABCFAM      Home ALone
7:00 pm       ABCFAM     The Santa Clause
8:00 pm      ABC               Santa Claus is Comin to town
8:00 pm      AMC              Miracle on 34th Street
9:00 pm      the CW           Muppets Christmas: letters to Santa
9:00 pm      ABCFAM      The Santa Clause 3

Wednesday December 12th

3:30 pm      Disney             Phineas and Ferb Christmas vacation
5:00 pm      ABCFAM       The Santa Clause
6:00 pm      Hallmark         movie "The wishing tree"
7:00 pm      ABCFAM        The Santa Clause 3
8:00 pm      AMC               Miracle on 34th Street
8:00 pm      LIFE                The perfect Holiday

Thursday December 13th

2:00 pm      LMN              Single Santa seeks Mrs. Claus
5:00 pm      ABCFAM      movie "Mistle-tones"
7:00 pm      ABCFAM      National Lampoons Chrismas Vacation
8:00 pm      NBC               Christmas in the white house
8:00 pm      AMC              Miracle on 34th Street
8:00 pm       FX                  Deck the Halls
9:00 pm      ABCFAM      Polar Express
10:00 pm    Hallmark         The town Christmas forgot

Friday December 14th

2:00 pm      FX                  Deck the HAlls
7:00 pm     ABCFAM       Polar Express
6:00 pm     LIFE               Under the Mistletoe
7:00 pm     ABCFAM       Year without a Santa Claus
8:00 pm      the CW           Prancer Returns
8:00 pm      NBC              Blake Shelton Christmas Special
9:00 pm     CBS                Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus
9:30 pm     CBS                Elf on a Shelf
9:45 pm      AMC             White Christmas
10:00 pm    LIFE              Undercover Christmas
midnight    Hallmark         The dog who saved Christmas

Saturday December 15th

8:00 am      ABCFAM      Little Drummer Boy
9:00 am      ABCFAM      Nestor the long eared Christmas donkey
9:30 am      ABCFAM      Pinocchio's Christmas
10:00 am     Hallmark       The dog who saved Christmas
11:30 am    ABCFAM      The story of the first Christmas snow
noontime    ABCFAM      Twas the night before Christmas
noontime    LIFE               Deck the halls
12:30 pm     ABCFAM      Frosty's winter wonderland
2:00 pm      ABCFAM      Frosty and Rudolph's Christmas in July
4:00 pm      ABCFAM      Disney's A Christmas Carol
4:45 pm      AMC              Miracle on 34th Street
5:00 pm      CARTOON    Scooby Doo Haunted Holida
5:30 pm      CARTOON    How the Grinch stole Christmas
6:00 PM     CARTOON    Grandma got run over by a reindeer
7:00 pm      AMC              White Christmas
8:00 pm     CBS                 Elf
10:00 pm    ABCFAM      Santa Claus is Coming to town
11:00 pm    ABCFAM       The year without a Santa


Connor Grieve said...

Michael Buble Christmas special! I know what I'm watching tomorrow night! :)

Amanda Paulhus said...

I just watched a miser brother's cristmas! Most deffinetly my favorite christmas movie!!!

Amanda Paulhus said...

I just watched a miser brother's cristmas! Most deffinetly my favorite christmas movie!!!

Anonymous said...

The Year without a Santa is my favorite Christmas movie ever! Kate Seetaram

Emily Patrone said...

I'm glad my house doesn't have all of these channels! I would never get my pre-calc homework done!

Jill O'Connor said...

Now that the Christmas specials are gone, I miss them:( the holidays always go by too quickly!