Thursday, October 25, 2012

storm central

anyone who hangs out with me knows I LOVE the weather, especially when a storm is on the way. Well that time has come. I am watching the path of Hurricane Sandy very closely. Right now the winds are 105 mph and the track seems to bring the storm right to us. of course those winds will definately slow down as the storm hits colder water. With landfall not predicted until Monday there are several days for all of this to change so I will be watching every weather forecast I can. The bad news is that if this storm hits us we will probably lose power for more than one day. So make sure you are prepared for that. I will continue to follow the storm and keep you updated.
Here is a link to an article online about this storm and its possible impact on New England


Matt Carlin said...

All im saying is, after this storm, we're lucky we are not in New York. But i also hope that i see more reports when the snow storm reports come in for the upcoming winter or ill disappointed!

Jill O'Connor said...

Just like when Irene hit, I thought Sandy wouldn't be too bad. Once again, I was completely wrong.

Olivia said...

Jill, Sandy wasn't that bad! At least for us, it wasn't.