Saturday, October 27, 2012

Power outages

I hope everyone is prepared to be without power for days. Sandy is coming and the power companies aren't known for restoring power very quickly.
Below is a quote I found on a web site of a local tv station:
"Power outages are expected to be widespread and could potentially last for several days in some locations. Utility companies National Grid and NStar say they have already submitted plans to the governor detailing their expected response efforts to those outages."

Be prepared!


Connor Grieve said...

I think its funny that a hurricane could not knock my power out but the snow storm we had last year around Halloween could!

Anthony K said...

The side of town that I live on NEVER loses power,no matter what! Nick, Olivia, Maggie, and Christen also live in the area.

Matt Carlin said...

My family and i just checked on our generator that we bought because of Irene, and it turns out it didn't event have the efficiency that we expected it to have, lifting that heavy thing is so fun task =[. Remember to ask the right questions when buying a generator like " how do you use it" and about how many appliances can you run through its basic power strip .

Jill O'Connor said...

I lost power for this storm on Tuesday morning!!!!! After the storm!! It's so difficult when I lose electricity, because our water is shut off, too. So frustrating...Jealous of the people who never lose power.

Olivia said...

Tony, you're so right! I never lose power during big storms, but I lose it on sunny days. So odd!