Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

I'm sure there are many students ready this that are happy to be home today so thank you Sandy, for the hurricane day. So far this storm has been pretty calm at my house. Now that I have said that out loud I'm sure the worst will come. I'm just thankful that we still have power. I am spending my day catching up on school work. What are you doing during the storm?

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Power outages

I hope everyone is prepared to be without power for days. Sandy is coming and the power companies aren't known for restoring power very quickly.
Below is a quote I found on a web site of a local tv station:
"Power outages are expected to be widespread and could potentially last for several days in some locations. Utility companies National Grid and NStar say they have already submitted plans to the governor detailing their expected response efforts to those outages."

Be prepared!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 2 of my "Sandy" watch

As with every storm that is forecasted things change day to day. Yesterday the talk was that Sandy was goiung to make landfall in New England, today the landfall is predicted to be New Jersey so the impact on us will not be as severe. The timeline has also changed. Our worst day of weather should be Tuesday, when we will have heavy rain and some wind gusts will be 50+ mph. The following is a quote from WBZ Boston

"If Sandy makes landfall in New Jersey,We would experience something like a nasty nor’easter. Minor to moderate coastal flooding, periods of very heavy rainfall and winds gusting 40-60 mph (highest along the coast), causing some scattered tree damage and power outages.

The alternative would be much worse.

If Sandy curves west a bit later and comes ashore closer to southern New England, we would be in for an historic event, rivaling that of the Perfect Storm back in 1991."

Thursday, October 25, 2012

storm central

anyone who hangs out with me knows I LOVE the weather, especially when a storm is on the way. Well that time has come. I am watching the path of Hurricane Sandy very closely. Right now the winds are 105 mph and the track seems to bring the storm right to us. of course those winds will definately slow down as the storm hits colder water. With landfall not predicted until Monday there are several days for all of this to change so I will be watching every weather forecast I can. The bad news is that if this storm hits us we will probably lose power for more than one day. So make sure you are prepared for that. I will continue to follow the storm and keep you updated.
Here is a link to an article online about this storm and its possible impact on New England

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Halloween Specials

There are some good shows coming up on television to get us in the spirit for Halloween. I thought I would list a few for you if you're interested.

On Sunday October 14th on the travel channel at 6pm is America's scariest halloween attractions
Saturday October 20th on ABC Family at 8pm and again at 10pm is the movie Hocus Pocus
On Wednesday October 24th starting at 4pm AMC is showing a few of the Halloween movies
Friday October 26th on the Hallmark channel at 7pm is Hoops & YoYo's haunted halloween

I'm still waiting to hear when my favorite is on TV. That would be It's The great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.