Sunday, September 2, 2012

Time for School

Today was move in day for my daughter. She goes to Wheelock College in Boston. When I tell people we have to move her in they automatically think it is chaos is Boston for college move ins. I have to say that it is anything but that at Wheelock. Move in is quite organized. We had the car unloaded and all her things in the dorm room in less than a half hour.
Now that she is back at college, reality sets in that I have school in just two days.
I'm ready!


Jill O'Connor said...

Good luck to your daughter at school this year! I hope your first day move in at NHS was as effortless and organized as the Wheelock move in.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that it went that quickly! Especially with the campus being in Boston. It won't be too long till I go to college... Weird!

Anthony said...

Wow that's awesome! I help my cousin move in to Providence College every year, and it is quite chaotic!