Monday, March 19, 2012

Warm weather is here

I have gone awhile without adding to my blog. The last was about snow and now I have accepted the fact that there will not be a snow day this year so time to bring on the warm weather. The warm weather is never good while we are still in school. I find that the warmer the weather the harder it is to get students to work. This week is supposed to be quite warm so that combined with seniors that already have senioritus could be disasterous. I should stop blogging and get to work onplanning lots of activities to keep the students busy.


Jill O'Connor said...

The warm weather was such a tease! It felt like finals were right around the corner, yet we still have another term.

Anonymous said...

We had better have a TON of snow days this year! I look forward to your famous love for snow in Calc!