Monday, February 20, 2012

No snow days this year

I know I am the one who gets all excited everytime I hear there is a chance of snow, but I have accepted that I will not be getting a snow day this year and I am okay with that. I'm sure my seniors are not okay with that (sorry). After spending time at the beach in Yarmouth on Saturday I am now ready for the warm weather. having said that mother nature may decide to be cruel and now give me the cold snowy weather.


Jill O'Connor said...

I am downright praying for snow days this year. Snow days for me this year will be the perfect vacation day! Bring on the snow!

Anonymous said...

Mother nature is the most fickle person I know, yeesh.

Anthony said...

Hopefully we have a ton of snow days this year, cuz we wont have to make them up!!!!!