Sunday, December 9, 2012

week of December 10th

Monday December 10th

5:00 pm      ABCFAM      Miser Brothers' Christmas
6:00 pm      ABCFAM      Jack frost
7:00 pm      ABCFAM      Frosty's winter wonderland
7:30 pm      ABCFAM      Mickey's Christmas Carol
8:00 pm      ABCFAM      Year without a Santa Claus
8:00 pm      Hallmark        movie "Moonlight and Mistletoe"
9:00 pm      ABCFAM      movie "Home Alone"
10:00 pm    NBC              Michael Buble Christmas special
10:00 pm    Hallmark        Twice Upon a Christmas
10:15 pm     AMC             Miracle on 34th street

Tuesday December 11th

5:00 pm      ABCFAM      Home ALone
7:00 pm       ABCFAM     The Santa Clause
8:00 pm      ABC               Santa Claus is Comin to town
8:00 pm      AMC              Miracle on 34th Street
9:00 pm      the CW           Muppets Christmas: letters to Santa
9:00 pm      ABCFAM      The Santa Clause 3

Wednesday December 12th

3:30 pm      Disney             Phineas and Ferb Christmas vacation
5:00 pm      ABCFAM       The Santa Clause
6:00 pm      Hallmark         movie "The wishing tree"
7:00 pm      ABCFAM        The Santa Clause 3
8:00 pm      AMC               Miracle on 34th Street
8:00 pm      LIFE                The perfect Holiday

Thursday December 13th

2:00 pm      LMN              Single Santa seeks Mrs. Claus
5:00 pm      ABCFAM      movie "Mistle-tones"
7:00 pm      ABCFAM      National Lampoons Chrismas Vacation
8:00 pm      NBC               Christmas in the white house
8:00 pm      AMC              Miracle on 34th Street
8:00 pm       FX                  Deck the Halls
9:00 pm      ABCFAM      Polar Express
10:00 pm    Hallmark         The town Christmas forgot

Friday December 14th

2:00 pm      FX                  Deck the HAlls
7:00 pm     ABCFAM       Polar Express
6:00 pm     LIFE               Under the Mistletoe
7:00 pm     ABCFAM       Year without a Santa Claus
8:00 pm      the CW           Prancer Returns
8:00 pm      NBC              Blake Shelton Christmas Special
9:00 pm     CBS                Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus
9:30 pm     CBS                Elf on a Shelf
9:45 pm      AMC             White Christmas
10:00 pm    LIFE              Undercover Christmas
midnight    Hallmark         The dog who saved Christmas

Saturday December 15th

8:00 am      ABCFAM      Little Drummer Boy
9:00 am      ABCFAM      Nestor the long eared Christmas donkey
9:30 am      ABCFAM      Pinocchio's Christmas
10:00 am     Hallmark       The dog who saved Christmas
11:30 am    ABCFAM      The story of the first Christmas snow
noontime    ABCFAM      Twas the night before Christmas
noontime    LIFE               Deck the halls
12:30 pm     ABCFAM      Frosty's winter wonderland
2:00 pm      ABCFAM      Frosty and Rudolph's Christmas in July
4:00 pm      ABCFAM      Disney's A Christmas Carol
4:45 pm      AMC              Miracle on 34th Street
5:00 pm      CARTOON    Scooby Doo Haunted Holida
5:30 pm      CARTOON    How the Grinch stole Christmas
6:00 PM     CARTOON    Grandma got run over by a reindeer
7:00 pm      AMC              White Christmas
8:00 pm     CBS                 Elf
10:00 pm    ABCFAM      Santa Claus is Coming to town
11:00 pm    ABCFAM       The year without a Santa

Saturday, December 1, 2012

week of December 2nd

Time for another week of Christmas Specials

Sunday 12-2
8:30 am                ABCFAM              miracle on 34th street
11:00 am              ABCFAM              I saw mommy kissing santa claus
11:00 am              Hallmark              movie “Jingle all the Way”
3:00 pm                ABCFAM              movie “Jack Frost”
5 pm                      ABCFAM              Elf
7 pm                      ABCFAM              movie “How the Grinch stole Christmas
8:00 pm                TBS                         movie “Four Christmases”
9:30 pm                ABCFAM              movie “How the Grinch stole Christmas

Monday 12-3
5:30 pm                ABCFAM              Rudolph’s shiny new year
6:00 pm                CARTOON              Abominable Christmas
6:30                        ABCFAM              Rudolph and the island of misfit toys
8 pm                      ABCFAM              movie “National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation
10 pm                    ABCFAM              movie “National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation
10 pm                    NBC                       Blake Shelton Christmas special

Tuesday 12-4
4:30                        ABCFAM              Rudolph’s shiny new year
5:30                        ABCFAM              Mickey’s Christmas Carol
6:00                        ABCFAM              Winnie the Pooh & Christmas too
7:30                        ABCFAM              Frosty’s winter wonderland
8:00                        CBS                        Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
8:00                        ABCFAM              The movie “Elf”
10:00                     ABCFAM              The movie “Fred Claus”

Wednesday 12-5
2:30 pm                ABCFAM              Fred Claus
5:00 pm                ABCFAM              Elf
6:00 pm                CARTOON            Grandma got run over by a reindeer
7:00 pm                ABCFAM              Home Alone
7:00 pm                CARTOON            How the Grinch Stole Christmas
7:30 pm                DISXD                    Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas
7:30 pm                 CARTOON           The smurfs: A Christmas Carol
9:00 pm                ABCFAM              The Polar Express

Thursday 12-6
4:00 pm                ABCFAM              Rudolph & Frosty’s Christmas in July
5:00 pm                DISXD                    Phineas and Ferb Christmas vacation
6:00 pm                ABCFAM              The Polar Express
8:00 pm                ABCFAM              Disney’s A Christmas Carol
10:00 pm              ABCFAM              Movie “Elf”

Friday 12-7
3:00 pm                ABCFAM              Elf
5:00 pm                ABCFAM              Disney’s A Christmas Carol
7:00 pm                ABCFAM              movie “The Santa Clause”
8:00 pm                NBC                       Blake Shelton’s Not so Family Christmas
8:00 pm                LIFE                        Finding Mrs. Claus
8:00 pm                NBC                       SNL Christmas
9:00 pm                ABCFAM              movie “The Santa Clause 3”

Saturday 12-8
6:30 am                DISNEY                 Mickey’s once upon a Christmas
12 noon                CARTOON            Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
1:30 pm                ABCFAM              Fred Claus
3:00 pm                TRAVEL                 Most Christmasy Places in America
4:00 pm                ABCFAM              movie “The Santa Clause”
4:00 pm                LIFE                        movie “Undercover Christmas”
4:00 pm                TRAVEL                 Christmas Crazy
5:00 pm                TRAVEL                 Christmas Crazier
6:00 pm                ABCFAM              The Santa Clause 3
8:00 pm                CBS                        Frosty the snowman
8:30 pm                CBS                        Frosty returns
9:00 pm                CBS                        The flight before Christmas
9:00 pm                HGTV                    White House Christmas 2012

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas Specials for the week of 11-25

Sunday 11-25
11:30 am              TBS                         movie “Fred Claus
5 pm                      CARTOON           grandma got run over by a reindeer
6 pm                      ABCFAM              movie “Home Alone”
6 pm                      HALLMARK         movie “Moonlight and Mistletoe”

Monday 11-26
8 pm                      HALLMARK        Movie  “Most wonderful time of the year”
Tuesday 11-27
8 pm                      ABC                        How the Grinch stole Christmas
8:30                        ABC                        Shrek the Halls
Wednesday 11-28
8 pm                      ABC                        A Charlie Brown Christmas
8 pm                      NBC                       Christmas in Rockefeller Center
9 pm                      NBC                       Saturday night live Christmas
Thursday 11-29
5 pm                      ABCFAM              Nightmare before Christmas
Friday 11-30
4 pm                      ABCFAM              movie “Santa Baby”
6 pm                      ABCFAM              movie “Santa Baby 2”
Saturday 12-1
12:30 pm              ABCFAM              miracle on 34th street
8 pm                      NBC                       It’s a wonderful life
8 pm                      ABCFAM              Elf


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas specials on TV the week of 11-19-12

Friday 11-23

10 am                    LIFE                        A Boyfriend for Christmas

2 pm                      LIFE                        12 men of Christmas

8 pm                      CBS                        Frosty

8 pm                      CW                         Grandma got run over by a reindeer

8pm                       TBS                         the movie “Fred Claus” and again at 10pm

8:30                        CBS                        Frosty returns

9 pm                      CBS                        Hoops and YoYo Ruin Christmas

9 pm                      CW                         The Happy Elf
9:30                        CBS                        SpongeBob Christmas
11 pm                    Hallmark              movie “The most wonderful time of the year”
Saturday 11-24
8 pm                      ABCFAM              movie “Home Alone”
10 pm                    FX                           movie “Christmas with the Kranks
Sunday 11-25
11:30 am              TBS                         movie “Fred Claus
5 pm                      CARTOON           grandma got run over by a reindeer
6 pm                      ABCFAM              “Home Alone”
6 pm                      HALLMARK         “Moonlight and Mistletoe”

Time for Christmas TV specials

It is my favorite time of the year. I love this holiday season especially because of all the TV specials. I love blogging all about them. The first specials are on this week. Friday night on CBS is Frosty the snowman at 8:00 then Frosty returns at 8:30, Hoops and YoYo ruin Christmas at 9:00 and SpongeBob Christmas at 9:30. I will have to put together a full list of Chrsitmas specials and get them posted here on my blog.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

I'm sure there are many students ready this that are happy to be home today so thank you Sandy, for the hurricane day. So far this storm has been pretty calm at my house. Now that I have said that out loud I'm sure the worst will come. I'm just thankful that we still have power. I am spending my day catching up on school work. What are you doing during the storm?

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Power outages

I hope everyone is prepared to be without power for days. Sandy is coming and the power companies aren't known for restoring power very quickly.
Below is a quote I found on a web site of a local tv station:
"Power outages are expected to be widespread and could potentially last for several days in some locations. Utility companies National Grid and NStar say they have already submitted plans to the governor detailing their expected response efforts to those outages."

Be prepared!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 2 of my "Sandy" watch

As with every storm that is forecasted things change day to day. Yesterday the talk was that Sandy was goiung to make landfall in New England, today the landfall is predicted to be New Jersey so the impact on us will not be as severe. The timeline has also changed. Our worst day of weather should be Tuesday, when we will have heavy rain and some wind gusts will be 50+ mph. The following is a quote from WBZ Boston

"If Sandy makes landfall in New Jersey,We would experience something like a nasty nor’easter. Minor to moderate coastal flooding, periods of very heavy rainfall and winds gusting 40-60 mph (highest along the coast), causing some scattered tree damage and power outages.

The alternative would be much worse.

If Sandy curves west a bit later and comes ashore closer to southern New England, we would be in for an historic event, rivaling that of the Perfect Storm back in 1991."

Thursday, October 25, 2012

storm central

anyone who hangs out with me knows I LOVE the weather, especially when a storm is on the way. Well that time has come. I am watching the path of Hurricane Sandy very closely. Right now the winds are 105 mph and the track seems to bring the storm right to us. of course those winds will definately slow down as the storm hits colder water. With landfall not predicted until Monday there are several days for all of this to change so I will be watching every weather forecast I can. The bad news is that if this storm hits us we will probably lose power for more than one day. So make sure you are prepared for that. I will continue to follow the storm and keep you updated.
Here is a link to an article online about this storm and its possible impact on New England

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Halloween Specials

There are some good shows coming up on television to get us in the spirit for Halloween. I thought I would list a few for you if you're interested.

On Sunday October 14th on the travel channel at 6pm is America's scariest halloween attractions
Saturday October 20th on ABC Family at 8pm and again at 10pm is the movie Hocus Pocus
On Wednesday October 24th starting at 4pm AMC is showing a few of the Halloween movies
Friday October 26th on the Hallmark channel at 7pm is Hoops & YoYo's haunted halloween

I'm still waiting to hear when my favorite is on TV. That would be It's The great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Best time of the year

First month of school is over. September went by quickly, probably because I was so busy. I hope things can slow down a little in October, but I'm sure that won't happen. These next 3 months are fun ones. Halloween in October, Thanksgiving in November, and Christmas in December. I LOVE the holiday season, but anyone that knows me is well aware of how I feel about the holidays.
Another enjoyable part of this time of year is football. I love going to Bryan's football games.This should be a good year. KP football is off to a great start winning their first 4 games. What makes it even more exciting is that their competition Mansfield and North have both lost a game. Keep up the good work KP!

Monday, September 24, 2012

new television season

My favorite place to correct quizzes and tests is in my comfy recliner while watching television. Since I correct every night, I watch a lot of different television shows. I am excited that the reruns are coming to an end and new episodes start tonight. My only problem is that there are 3 shows on at 10:00 tonight and I want to watch all 3. I guess I will watch one, DVR one, and catch the third show on demand later this week.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Time management

I need to manage my time better at school. This weekend I spent way too much time on school work. I spent 5 hours Saturday and 2 hours today. I plan to spend 2 more hours tonight as I correct Pre-Calc tests while watching the patriots game. This week I need to get the school work done while in school so I can relax and have more free time on the weekends. I did manage to relax by the fire pit for a few hours Friday night. Sitting by the fire on a chilly night is probably one of my favorite things to do.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Time for Football

The best part of my weekend during the fall season is watching football on Sunday. I make sure that all school work is done by 1:00 on Sunday so I can sit back, relax, and enjoy the games. Yesterday I went to Patriots place to watch Troy Brown get inducted into the Patriots hall of fame and right now I am watching the Patriots play Arizona (hopefully going to win). I would say this has been a great weekend.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Looking Forward to another Great Year

Completed the first week of school! After meeting all my students for this year I am sure this will be a good one. I loved all my classes. I just hope all my students learn a lot while having fun in math class. The only thing that will make time in the classroom better is if the weather would cool off and the humidity would go away.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Time for School

Today was move in day for my daughter. She goes to Wheelock College in Boston. When I tell people we have to move her in they automatically think it is chaos is Boston for college move ins. I have to say that it is anything but that at Wheelock. Move in is quite organized. We had the car unloaded and all her things in the dorm room in less than a half hour.
Now that she is back at college, reality sets in that I have school in just two days.
I'm ready!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Today is August 13th. The middle of August means that another summer is about to come to an end.
This is my last full week of summer because I am heading back to school next Wednesday. I have mixed emotions about this time of year.
 I am sad to have summer end. I love the late nights and sleeping in every morning. Most of my days are spent just hanging with friends in the pool.
While being a little sad I am also excited to get back to school and see everyone. I'm looking forward to another great year.
I have so much that I still need to need before returning to school. I have lunches and dinners planned with friends and I still have to plan some get togethers with former students before they leave for college and I don't see them for awhile.
Hope everyone makes the most of the summer and has a wonderful school year.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I just realized there are only 13 days of school left. Wow! That means I have to start making plans for my summer. First priority is to get more beach trips in this year than last year. Can't believe I only went to the beach once last year. I hope to have plenty of time since I am not working this summer. This is my first summer in three years that I am not working. I'm sure we will make the annual family day trip to Canobie Lake Park in New Hampshire and another day at Water Wizz in Wareham.
The only other plan I have is to get to Newport. I can't believe I have never been there.

Monday, May 7, 2012

End of a GREAT school year

The end of the school year is almost here. I always look forward to the summer, but I don't look forward to the goodbyes I have to say. I have had one of my best years and that is because of all the great students I have this year. Most of my students this year are seniors so you will all be going off to college. I would like you to know that I will miss all of you. Hopefully you can find time once in awhile to say hello and let me know how you are doing. I would love to hear from you after graduation.

To my juniors....I look forward to seeing everyone again next year, hopefully in my Calculus class.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Field trips

I went on a field trip to Patriots Hall of Fame yesterday and now I am getting very excited about my next field trip. Math day at Six Flags on April 27th. I LOVE field trips. I will have to work on planning more of them for next year. Math Day at six flags is my favorite field trip and its not because I love the rides, I don't go on many. (fear of heights) This is my favorite because my students get so excited about it. Only 5 more school days until our trip.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Warm weather is here

I have gone awhile without adding to my blog. The last was about snow and now I have accepted the fact that there will not be a snow day this year so time to bring on the warm weather. The warm weather is never good while we are still in school. I find that the warmer the weather the harder it is to get students to work. This week is supposed to be quite warm so that combined with seniors that already have senioritus could be disasterous. I should stop blogging and get to work onplanning lots of activities to keep the students busy.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Just when I accepted the fact that there would not be any snow days this year I read this quote from one of the channel 5 weathermen "….let’s get onto the good stuff because we are tracking a potential snow event here Wednesday to Thursday. Models have been trending colder today and are coming in line with my earlier thinking of a more southern colder solution." Wondering if I should get excited or if I will be dissappointed when this doesn't happen.

Monday, February 20, 2012

No snow days this year

I know I am the one who gets all excited everytime I hear there is a chance of snow, but I have accepted that I will not be getting a snow day this year and I am okay with that. I'm sure my seniors are not okay with that (sorry). After spending time at the beach in Yarmouth on Saturday I am now ready for the warm weather. having said that mother nature may decide to be cruel and now give me the cold snowy weather.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Longer weekends

I really wish that weekends could be three days instead of two. I just cant seem to fit everything I need to do into only 2 days. I have been on the go since Saturday morning at 8am and I am just now sitting down to relax. I have a few more errands to do but I want to watch NHL all star game and the celtics game. Since tomorrow is Monday, back to school, I guess all my errands don't get done this weekend.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

AP math Night

Last Thursday night 30 students came to school for an additional 2 hours at night to work on AP Stats and AP Calculus. I was so happy to see that many students give up their time at night. We ordered pizza so the night wasn't all work. I had fun and I am hoping they did too. I am feeling really good about the chances of my students getting a 5 on the AP exam. They have been working so hard they most certainly deserve the good grade. I want to thank them for their continued effort.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Busy weekend

What a great weekend I had and I have my Norton kids to thank.
Saturday I spent the day at the Reggie Lewis Center for a winter track meet. This was the first track meet I have gone to and I had a great time. There was so much to watch. Makes me wish I had gone to more track meets this year. Norton took third place overall. I want to congratulate everyone that participated.
Then Sunday afternoon, my daughter and I went to see "The Wizard of Oz" put on by the NHS drama club. We both thoroughly enjoyed the show. There are some very talented students at Norton High School. Shortly after the play I headed to the Foxboro Y to help out with the Amazing Race. I hope all the students participating had as much fun as I did. Congratulations to Tyler D and Joe D for taking home first place.
Thank goodness this is a 3-day weekend. I have all day today to relax and do a little school work.