Monday, February 7, 2011

traveling with color guard

I have been writing quite a bit about the weather and I thought I would make a change today. Today I am going to write about someone very special to me, my daughter, Jennifer. This year she is a senior and I am savoring every minute of her senior year. Won't be long and she will be leaving for college. Jennifer competes in color guard year round. To make sure I don't miss anything I am a very involved color guard mom. I made the flags her group uses in their performances and I travel with them to all shows. I am having a blast doing this. I am looking forward to the world championships in April. I apologize to my students because I will be missing 3 days of school to travel with Jennifer to Dayton Ohio for this championship. We will travel by bus to Dayton, Ohio. Leave on a Tuesday night and return Sunday night. Just have to survive a 14 hour bus ride, but definately worth it.