Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow Day?

Today was a messy commute both to school and then again leaving school. I suppose it was nothing compared to what Friday may bring. I watched several weather reports tonight and checked out a few web sites and they are all stating the same thing. This storm coming Friday has some big potential if it fully develops. The timing is perfect for those of you that want another snow day because the snow should begin in the early morning hours (around 2am). I am scheduled to go to an all day workshop. (I am sad that I have to miss my AP Calculus class on Friday). Check back later this week to see if the storm fully develops and I will give you predicted snowfall totals


Anonymous said...

I am glad that there is a good place for me to come and check the snowfall warnings! I can never catch the weather report when I need to!

Jill O'Connor said...

I'm a little bit worried about driving in the snow this year. When I got my license last year, it was February, so most of the meager snowfall we received was complete. This year, however, I'll be driving all winter!

Olivia said...

Mrs. Taylor is the Snow Queen!!