Sunday, May 4, 2008

Math Day at Six Flags

I have to admit that when I woke up Friday morning I was a little nervous about the weather, but the day turned out pretty good. I should have known that a little wet weather would not ruin our field trip. We all got a little damp with the heavy mist for the first hour we were there, but after that I stayed pretty dry. I had a great day and I hope that all my students did as well. You were supposed to have fun on this trip, but I also wanted you to make those math connections. Did you? Let me know. I have to stop typing and go correct those six flags packets. Then I will check my email for some more pictures from six flags. Don't forget to email them to me.


Mike Ahern said...

Everyone told me about how fun it was. I wish I went :[. Oh well.

Kayla said...

Aww, poor Mike! And even though it was SO. COLD., Mrs. Taylor's right; it definitely didn't ruin the day. I'd never been there before and despite a few key facts (like I don't go on roller coasters and I forgot my money---oops!), I still had an awesome time. Let it be known that if you ever go to an amusement park and need someone to hold your bags while you ride a roller coaster---I'm a pro :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the offer, Kayla :)
Unlike Kayla, I enjoy roller coasters, especially the upside-down ones but not so much the wooden ones. What I really don't like, though, are the free-fall rides where you just go up and dooooown, and up, and dooooooown. I think it's called Scream, but I'm not really sure because I blocked that ride out of my memory. And so I'd be holding bags with Kayla if anyone wants to go on that ride :)


P.S. Glad Mrs. Taylor and everyone had fun and didn't let the wet weather ruin their trip!

Emma said...

Haha yeah Kayla I felt pretty bad because everytime I saw you, you weren't on any rides! You were holding everyones things. But atleast you had fun!

I really did have a lot of fun on the field trip, I was a little skeptical about how it would be because of the rain but it still was enjoyable! Superman was definitley the best ride and sitting in the very front was the best :]

I made some math connections and it was really cool to be able to conect what we've done in math to the real world.

Anonymous said...

i was also a little worried when it was raining but while at the park i dont think i ever got rained on. the trip was fun and i felt bad that some people couldnt go(sorry mike). liek kayla said it was a little cold but the only time i was frezzeing was whiile waiting in line for superman for an hour :( overall i enjoyed the trip and look foreward to going again soon and not havign to do any math


Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone the weather didnt get in the way of a good time. Im really glad i went and i really did see the connection of math in the rides we took. I cant wait to go on a better weather day!


Matt said...

I had so much fun at 6 flags. It was a great time. I enjoy looking at the pictures from that day. Along with having fun on the rides, I also learned some valuable math concepts that can be used in every day situations. I agree with Kayla that she was a pro in holding everyones bag, everytime i went on a ride i gave my bag to Kayla..Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Aww, sorry for that Kayla!
I also had an awesome time at the park and the weather really didn't bother me at all. This was my first time going to this Six Flags and I loved every minute of it. I've been on many rides and rollercoasters before, but it was cool knowing everything we did about the angular and linear velocities and being able to actually apply it to the rides.

Anonymous said...

Like everyone else said, the weather didnt ruin things at all. i had a fantastic time at Six Flags. Taking pictures with charaters is always fun :], and its kind of funny how that unknowm posed in our picture without any of us noticing.
-Kelly Allen

ps- I emailed the pictures to you.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't able to go to six flags but it sounded like you guys had a lot of fun!! It was fun seeing the pictures of all you guys and luckily the rain didn't ruin your day. I was still able to make the math connections even though I wasn't there...but i'll be there for the senoir trip!

Calley F.

Michelle Le said...

It's great that everyone had a great time despite the lousy weather. Even though I didn't go, doing the math packet helped me make some connections to what we're learning, although it also made me wish that I could go on some of the rides.

Brian Desmond said...

The field trip was awesome. My favorite part was listening to Sam scream on the Superman ride. as everyone else has said, the weather not that bad and definately didn't ruin our trip. The math packet made me think about how much thoght and planning goes into creating those rides.

Sam Hayes said...

Brian is right i screamed, but in a positive tone. It was excellent i think we should go to six flags for every class. i had never been on a rollercoaster before, its sick. Its too bad that a lot of people could not go, oh well. At least the got to do the packet

Ravi said...

yes sam, i am glad that i got to do that packet, but i am still sad that i missed the superman. I bet it was a fun trip and those packets must've kept you guys busy.

Anonymous said...

yeah the weather definately didnt ruin the trip, i still had an awesome time! i loved how the lines were so short beczuse there wasnt that many people there. i mean seriously when are they ever going to be that short again haha

yes i did make the math connections. like brian, i didnt realize how much thought and planning goes into making a roller coaster, i mean it looks like someone took metal and just twisted it all around and then made it bigger. but, a lot must be done to make it work.

p.s. i am glad you enjoyed the packet ravi

Tim Mollins said...

I think cooler weather makes for a much better time at an amusement park. Not only are the lines shorter, but there's no waiting out in the sun (and getting sunburned).

Up until last year, I had never been on a roller coaster in my life. But last summer really changed my perspective. While I still won't go on Superman (I'm still positive it'd put me in a coma), I find roller coasters to be incredibly fun.

What makes roller coasters so much fun for me is that feeling as you're going up the first hill, when I'm thinking "oh no...what did I just get myself into? Maybe this wasn't such a good idea....ahh! get me off this thing!!" and then, before I can think any more, I'm plunged over the top and down the hill and I'm no longer thinking about getting off, because it's too late, and this is way too much fun, and I'm just laughing, but screaming (words that I wouldn't say on Mrs. Taylor's blog) at the same time and then the ride is over and I just think "WOW".

As far as math connections go, as the person above me (no name?) commented, it really made me realize how much time and thought goes into making those rides. Such precision has to be practiced to ensure optimum thrills.

Gil said...

Six flags was awesome and the weather wasnt too bad. it didnt start raining until my group was getting on Superman, so that was comforting, haha. the best part of the day though was definitely doing the math packet. ravi is so lucky that he didnt have to waste all of his time on the rides and only had to do the packet, haha.

Kelley M said...

I had a great time on the trip! i agree with Tim that it's better without the sun because there're no line and no sunburns! I thought it was a really cool idea for a feild trip. The packet was even alot easier than i expected it to be.

Anonymous said...

I think the sun definitely makes the day better, but Tim is right about shorter lines. Six Flags was so much fun... oh... wait... I couldn't go. Oh well, at least I got to do that awesome packet.

Ben Sargent

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for your sympathy Sam, that joke is getting kind of old though haha. I'm still a little bitter that I didn't get to go on the trip. I'm glad everyone else had fun though.


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Olivia said...

I'm so glad we had sunny skies last year for our Six Flags trip. I'm hoping for great weather this year.

Anonymous said...

This is the best tradition, I just cannot handle the excitement I already have for it!

Olivia said...

We get to go twice this year!!! woo!!