Sunday, April 27, 2008

The End of April Vacation

It is Sunday night and tomorrow morning I have to wake up with an alarm clock. Time to go finish out the school year. For those of you reading this blog that are depressed by the end of school vacation, you only have 36 more days of school. I hope everyone had a great week off from school. I went to watch the marathon. My family watched from mile 16.5 in Newton. We saw Lance Armstrong go by, then Mr. Taylor was only minutes behind him. My husband was about 15 minutes behind Mr. Taylor. After all 3 passed by I caught the green line into Boston to the finish line. Congrats to the two Mr. Taylors for a great race. Boston was crazy. So many people there was barely any room to move, but I wouldn't have missed out on the experience. My only complaint was the T was so crowded that everyone was squished in with little breathing room. Even with that said I recommend you go to the marathon.
The rest of my week was very relaxing. I did a little bit of school work. I made up the workbook for our math day at six flags and I read a book called "The Number Devil". The book was about a boy that did not like math and every time he went to sleep he had dreams about it. The Number devil came into his dreams to show him how fun math can be. I enjoyed the book and I think it will be required summer reading for next years incoming freshmen.
My vacation ended with a weekend of baseball. Little league parade and first game of the season was Saturday and then Sunday was an AAU baseball game. My son can't join just one baseball league. He has to join both Little League and AAU. I guess it is a good thing that I like baseball.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


We all know that the school budget is going through some tough times. One thing that I have been doing is sending in empty ink cartridges and old cell phones to earn points for our school. I send them to a company called funding factory. The points that are issued can be used to purchase educational items. My goal for this year and next year is to earn enough points to buy white board markers for all the teachers. This will allow us to have a little bit more money in the budget to spend on other things. I need everyone to help me out with this. Please ask people you know to save these items and donate them to the school. You can bring them to me or the items can be dropped off in the main office. I will continue to send these items in over the summer so they can be dropped off in July and August too. Thanks for all your help.

Monday, April 7, 2008

School Administration

I wonder if you realize how lucky we are here in Norton? We have two administrators that really care about the school community. Whenever a school activity is going on we always see Mr Dewar or Mr. Barth here supporting and cheering the students. Dr. Ansay attends events as well. I want you to know that it is not like that at every school. I have been dissappointed with the principal at my daughters school about that.
I spent most of my weekend at my daughter's colorguard competitions. Saturday they won the state championship and Sunday they got the gold medal at the New England Championships. They are having a rally Tuesday night because Wednesday morning they are leaving for Ohio to compete for the National championship. Going to all of her competitions has made me realize that we have such a wonderful administration here in Norton. My daughter is a freshmen in high school and she has had many home shows for colorguard and I have never seen her school administrator at these. Last year the team qualified for the national championship and had a rally show the night before they left and their principal was not there so I don't expect to see her this week either.
I just want to let everyone know that we are lucky to have a principal and vice principal that are always showing us their support. I wish my daughter had that at her high school.