Monday, March 31, 2008

I can't believe I have gone so long without a word on my blog. Sorry about that. My last blog was about the book we all read and this blog is related to that as well. In 3 weeks, on April 21st, the Boston marathon will take place. This year Mr. Taylor is running in the marathon with Lance Armstrong to raise money and awareness of cancer and treatments. Mr. Taylor needs to raise $3500 for the Lance Armstrong foundation and he needs our help. You can visit the web site
to see Mr. Taylor's donation page and maybe you or someone you know can make a donation. I am excited about the marathon. I love to watch the race and this year it will be more enjoyable because I will know two people running. The two Mr. Taylor's (Mr. Taylor the English teacher and Mr. Taylor my husband). You all know how much of a sports fan I am, marathons included, so you know I am counting down the days until I make the trip to Newton. I already have my spot picked out at mile 16.5 and then I plan to take the T from Newton into Boston by the time the guys cross the finish line. I imagine most of my students are looking forward to the 21st of April as well. You may not be excited about the marathon, but that is the start of April vacation!