Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Plymouth waterfront

Plymouth is a close by town to visit for a day. There are beautiful water views from all the docks and you can walk out on a rather long jetty. On one side of the road you have the water and on the other side of the road are the shops and restaurants and there is plenty of public parking. I love water views so this is the perfect place for me.

Plymouth is also home to the lobster crawl. There are ceramic lobsters scattered along the waterfront and a few are in the center of town. I had fun looking for all the lobsters. #plymouthlobstercrawl

While walking around town I also found a few memorials. Very nice touch!

I recommend that you walk around Plymouth waterfront when you have a free day. You can also see the "big" rock

Monday, July 16, 2018

Sand Sculptures

If you get the chance to go to Yarmouth during the summer I highly recommend that you go in search of the sand sculptures. This year there are 33 works of art at various businesses throughout the town.
You can go to the web site https://www.yarmouthcapecod.com/sand-sculpture-trail-2018/ to find a map showing where all the sand sculptures are located. The majority of them can be found along route 28. This was my 3rd year going in search of the sand sculptures and I actually went twice, Last weekend I went with my daughter. She took photos of all 33 that she is entering into a photo contest.
Yarmouth summer celebration also as a facebook page where they are posting pictures that have been entered into the contest. Go on facebook and vote for your favorite picture. Here are  3 of my favorites from this year.

Every year Dunkin Donuts salutes the troops with their sand sculpture

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Scenic Ride up the Coast

If you enjoy views of the ocean I suggest that you take a ride up the NH coast into Maine. I took this ride in late June. My first stop was in Hampton Beach. I enjoyed exploring all the small shops and I got a sweet snack in one of the candy stores. Then I continued on to Portsmouth, NH. I drove along the coast and stopped several times to take in the view.

In Portsmouth you have so many choices for restaurants on the water and this town has plenty of shopping all in one area. Park in the town lot and then walk to all the shops.

I left  Portsmouth and headed to York, Maine. I went to visit the Nubble lighthouse which was under construction at the time.

Then I went to downtown York and yes again I did a little shopping. Had to get some fudge from Nana's fudge shop.

Had a wonderful day! On the way to York I passed through Kittery, Maine and saw all the outlet stores, I am sure I will be back to do some shopping there.

School's out for Summer

Summer is a time for all teachers and students to recharge. I love this time to relax, catch up with friends, and read the books I don't have time for during the school year. I love doing all of these activities but my favorite part of the summer is taking day trips. I plan to write about those trips and post pictures here on my blog.
   One place that I visit more often than all others is the cape cod canal. I can spend hours there reading my book and watching the boats pass by. I try to spend one day per week there. I love when the large ships come through. This is a picture of a car carrier passing under the railroad bridge. Just fits!

Last year I got to see a couple of cruise ships go through the canal. I am hoping to see one of those again this year. 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Christmas Time at Disney

I recently spent 3 days at Disney world in Florida. This was the first time I had gone there during Christmas time. WOW! Disney knows how to decorate. I was in awe of all the giant Christmas trees.

This is the tree from Main Street at Magic Kingdon

This tree is floating out in the pond at Hollywood Studios

This tree is five stories high and can be found at the Grand Floridian

This is the tree in the lobby of the Polynesian resort

Epcot tree with the monorail in the back

I really wish I had more than 3 days to see everything. I missed out on so much but I will be back there some day for another Christmas and I will stay longer.

Disney and Christmas, two of my favorites!

I love my TV specials

as we all know because I have blogged about this, I love the Christmas specials on television. I love them so much I try to incorporate some in my math class. Next week my class will be discussing the math in the movie "Elf".
If you love the specials as much as I do then you may be interested in knowing which shows are on and when. Here is my latest list

today 12-14-17

3:40 the year without a santa clause on freeform
4:40 The santa clause 3  on Freeform
8:50 National lampoons Christmas vacation on Freeform

tomorrow 12-15-17

9:20 pm  Elf on Freeform

Saturday and Sunday Freeform channel has a great lineup with both 2 hour movies and some of the 1/2 hour cartoons like Prep and Landing and Disney's twice upon a christmas.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Christmas TV Specials have begun

Since Thanksgiving has come and gone it is now time for Christmas! Tonight we have lots of Christmas specials on TV. I am a little upset that there are 3 good ones on all at the same time. ABC has Santa Clause is coming to town, CBS has Frosty the Snowman and NBC has How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I will have to set the DVR. Next week Rudolph is on CBS Tuesday night and then on Thursday night at 8pm ABC has  A Charlie Brown Christmas and following that there is the Disney Christmas special. Unfortunately I will miss both of those as I will be on a plane headed to Disney World. This is my favorite time of there for television. I look forward to watching everything. I will keep you posted of when the classics will be on television.